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The design of Alexis Tricoire

The design of Alexis Tricoire

** Alexis Tricoire is a designer of another kind. Born in 1967 in Paris, he attended renowned establishments such as the National School of Decorative Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago. Specializing in plant design, Alexis Tricoire has been at the head of his own agency since 1996. He has worked and rubbed shoulders with the greatest since his studies and enjoys international renown. Want to discover the design of Alexis Tricoire? Here are some of his creations. **

The Ark

Alexis Tricoire Here you discover another of Alexis Tricoire's creations. This arch of plants, which was the entrance to an exhibition, was thought and created by the French designer.


Alexis Tricoire Also as part of an exhibition, Alexis Tricoire produced this creation called tentacular extension.

Green Mobile

Alexis Tricoire A clever mixture of gold and plants, this creation is called Green Mobile. It was carried out for a shopping center in Prague.

Green Pillow

Alexis Tricoire The Green Pillow is a floating cushion decorated with plants. It is one of the first creations of designer Alexis Tricoire but also one of the best known.

Plant islands

Alexis Tricoire This creation is a set of plant islands that were created for the city of Lyon. It allows to highlight different types of plants with originality.

The drunk forest

Alexis Tricoire Here is a creation by Alexis Tricoire that many designers would have liked to make. Alexis Tricoire sets trees and shrubs in motion thanks to a pot reminiscent of a top. A creation that lives up to its name: the drunk forest.

Babylon chandelier

Alexis Tricoire The Babylon chandelier is a glass sphere that houses plants and a source of light. Placed in the house or in the garden, the Babylon chandelier is a real decorative asset.

Plants and light

Alexis Tricoire In the spirit of the Babylon chandelier, Alexis Tricoire produced this presentation which cleverly marries several spheres of plants and sources of light.


Alexis Tricoire Still keeping this idea of ​​spheres, Alexis Tricoire offers different creations made from plants and plants. Question imagination, the sky is the limit!